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Importance Of Machine Quality in Laser Engraving Cylinder

Beginner Guide On Gravure Cylinder Engraving

Beginner Guide On Gravure Cylinder Engraving

Are you planning to do gravure cylinder engraving for the first time? Well, this one of the easier engraving tasks, but you need to get a few things right. You need to understand the basic technical aspects of laser and electronic engraving. If you are a beginner, this guide is for you.

We have put together some of the things that you need to get right when engraving a gravure cylinder. These are basic steps that will help do both simple and complex cylinder engravings. Check out the following:

Get The Right Machine

The first step is getting the right machine for the type of gravure cylinder you want to engrave. Start with analyzing the kind of engraving you want to do, including the size of the cylinders. A good machine should be able to handle all the sizes of gravure cylinders that you will be engraving. This is a very important factor to consider as it can affect the effectiveness of the machine as well as the cost of engraving.

Gravure Cylinder Materials

The most important thing about the gravure cylinder material is the outer layer. This is the layer that may come into contact with the laser beam. There is a range of materials used for the making of the gravure cylinder. For the laser engraving cylinder, the material must metal and not just any other metal but steel. With the best steel alloy material, you have a longer lifespan because it can withstand the laser beam’s heat.

Get A Good Software

It is important that you get the issue of the software correct. There are so many software products in the market, but you need a program that is versatile in use. It must be among the latest and also easy to use. We highly recommend the use of software that enables the conversion of the scanned image and turns it into a digital image. They eliminated the need for an image designed. So, get the advanced and easy-to-use engraving software.

Understand How The Machine Works

The other thing you need to know to engrave a gravure cylinder is understanding how the machine works. You cannot do the proper engraving if you don’t understand how the machine works. Start from the basics by reading the manual step by step. But if you are very new, you need to hire an expert to train you. Proper understanding of the machine increase quality and reduces accidents and waste.

Factors Determining How Much A Hydraulic Press Cost

Factors Determining How Much A Hydraulic Press Cost

Wondering how much is a hydraulic press machine? Well, the prices for these machines do not come out of nowhere. There are several factors that come into play that determines the cost of the machine. Here are just some of the key factors that would greatly determine the cost of your hydraulic press machine. Check out the following:


The first thing that will greatly determine how much is a hydraulic press is the size. By the size, we mean the amount of tonnage that the machine can produce. There are kings of tonnage, with some of the machines producing as high as hundreds of tons. So, you need to know how big is the machine you want to get the correct budget.


The other thing you need to consider is the designs. Depending on how the machine design looks, you will need to spend more. This is crucial, especially for the personas that would like a custom design that suits the needs. So you need to consider the issue of design and look for what works the best for you and will cost you less.

Quality Of Material

The other thing that greatly determines how much is a hydraulic press is the quality of the material used. This is a very important factor to consider if you are looking forward to buying a machine that lasts longer and offers better quality. The quality of the material should be about the crucial parts of the machines. The frame and most of the areas that receive a lot of pressure must be made from the highest quality materials.

Technology Used

Technology is today of the biggest factors that determine the cost of the hydraulic press. Make sure that you have gotten the best technology from the machine. One of the crucial factors you need to consider is the level of the technology. The higher technology, the higher is the cost of the machine. This is a very important factor to consider.


The longevity of the machine is another factor that would greatly determine the cost of the hydraulic press machines. The manufacturer always provides the expected lifespan of these machines when used and maintained properly. The longer the expected lifespan, the higher the cost of the machine.

Ease Of Maintenance

There machines that are designed to offer easy maintenance, and in most cases, they tend to be expensive. But they are worth it.