4 Features to Look for In a Duratech Shredder

If you are looking for a wood processing machine, there are numerous brands in the market to pick from. Among the many brands that you can pick from is the Duratech shredder. The brand has carved a market of its own worldwide due to the quality of their products and the incredibly high customer satisfaction. However, you need to have the right machine for the task you wish to accomplish for you enjoy these benefits.

One thing that buyers need to understand is that Duratech shredders vary in size and capacity. Therefore, you need to ensure that to get some of the features right to ensure that you are getting the most out of the machine. If you want to buy Duratech shredders from the first, here are 4 key features that you should look out for:

Engine Power

Power any machine is one of the critical factors that you need to consider before you can start with buying. You need to know how much horsepower you need for the wood processing task. However, the size of the wood that you want to grind is crucial in determining engine power. It is therefore essential to check the size of the engine that you have in place. There are small sizes for small vegetation such as the brushes and also the large Duratech shredders for tree limbs and stumps. Look for what suits you the best.

Operating Speed

The productivity of the machine is one of the key things that you need to look for in the machine. To achieve that you need to check the speed of the machine. What is the operating speed of the machine? Can it meet the expected output level? These are some of the key things that you need to consider when it comes to the speed of the machine. The higher the speed of the Duratech shredders, higher the productivity of the wood shredder.  

Quality of Tool

What is the quality of wear parts on the shredder? Among the key wear parts that you need to look at is the teeth. Make sure that you have the best quality tools for you to achieve peak performance. But the quality is determined by the material used for teeth construction. However, steel and carbide materials are the best materials. Tungsten carbide tip teeth are the best.

Ease of Use

The modern Duratech shredders are designed with state of the art technology. That means that the machines come with improved ease of use features. Check if most of the functions have been automated. Also, check the shredder is app compatible. These are key factors to consider.