Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Tub Grinder Tips

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Tub Grinder Tips

One of the widely used metals in the machine tools manufacturing industry is the tungsten carbide. The material which is made from the addition of the cobalt element to the carbide offers incredible properties in the market. Tungsten carbide is best known for hardness and strength, and that is the reason why it popular with constructing cutter tools for hard conditions. If you are looking forward to buying cutter tools for the wood processing tub grinder machine, then you need to look for this type of carbide.

For your tub grinding machine to operate efficiently, the quality of cutter tools you need to consider. Among the best metals for the tub grinder tips is the tungsten carbide. In this post, we have listed some of the advantages of using tungsten carbide tub grinder tips

High Hardness and strength

Tungsten carbide is popular due to its hardness and strength compared to most of the available alternatives. Therefore, tungsten carbide tub grinder tips offer incredibly higher strength and hardness. These are key properties that make good cutter tooltips. So if you are working in tough conditions, such as grinding stumps, will such kind of teeth for your machine. With such properties, they can handle almost all the kind of wood grinding that you are doing. That is one of the biggest advantages that you get from these kind tips.

Good Performance

The other benefit that you get from tungsten carbide tub grinder tips is high higher performance compared to most of the available alternatives. There are many factors that can explain why you are likely to enjoy better performance compared to the available options. First, it is because these grinder tips can retain their sharpness for long. Therefore, you will be able to maintain consistently high performance for a long time. With that, the impact on the productivity of the tub grinder machine will be huge.

High Wear Abrasion Resistance

Like most of the machine activities, wood grinding can be extremely abrasive. However, the extent of abrasion depends on the kind of wood that you are grinding. But which the kind of wood that you are grinding, there is always some level of wear and abrasion. Wear and abrasion are some of the contributors to reduced tools lifespan. However, having the right quality teeth that can withstand wear resistance is crucial. That is what tungsten carbide tub grinder tips offer with their wear abrasion resistance features.

Extended Lifespan

As mentioned above, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals in the industry. It comes with high wear abrasion resistance features. These tungsten carbide tub grinder tips also offer incredible impact resistance properties. That is why these grinder tips have a longer lifespan which helps the user to cut on the cost of maintenance.


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